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Tacoma Playing Cards - Blue Deck

Tacoma Makes

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Featuring 14 Tacoma artists depicting 52 Tacoma locations and 2 Jokes = 1 Amazing Set of Cards

The blue inaugural deck was first created in 2012.

The entire Tacoma Card Deck is unique. Chandler O’Leary, designed the framework for the cards hand illustrating and lettering the box, back of cards, and the number and suit faces into which original artwork will be featured. In addition to Chandler, 13 more Tacoma artists, working in a variety of styles and media will interpret 4 different sites/legends that collectively begin to tell the story of Tacoma. 

Cards are poker tournament quality, "air-cushion finish"; packaged in a custom box. Each box includes an insert (like a colophon in printing lingo) listing of all the places represented.  The cards were printed by The United States Playing Card Company which produces and distributes brands such as Bicycle, Bee and Hoyle.

These cards will make an awesome souvenir, gift and collector’s item that does Tacoma PROUD

A $2.50 shipping charge will be added upon check out for shipping within the United States. Other rates apply to international orders.


Tacoma Playing Cards can be purchased through various Tacoma stores (Pacific Northwest Shop). Thanks for the years of support as Tacoma Makes has closed for business.