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Artists Sean Alexander, Noah Struthers, Gillian Nordlund, Zachary Marvick and Fox Flowers Hart

14 Incredible Tacoma Artists in the Red Deck!

Chandler O'Leary was born 50 miles west of Wall Drug, and has had an affinity for giant jackalopes and coffee-pot-shaped buildings ever since.  She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and the proprietor of Anagram Press - which allows her to make a living by drawing pictures, lettering every word by hand, and in general doing things the hard way.  (image by Jesse Mullen)
Chuck Knigge is a Northwest artist, illustrator/cartoonist, and game designer. Known primarily for his comic illustration, he's also translating these skills to large scale paintings and drawings. Chuck's work can be found in Popgun Volume 2, Zombie Bomb! Volume 2, and The Spoils of Crime, among others. He has worked for Arenanet, as a UI Designer on Guild Wars 2.  He's currently working on a painting series - Long Live Queen Freddie: celebrating and remembering the greatest voice of Rock, by playing dress up with the most memorable queens of history, fiction, and pop culture.

David Boe is a Tacoma architect who's sketch artwork may be best known from his award winning blog column 'Imagine Tacoma' on Exit133.com. David was originally drawn to the potential of Tacoma and ended-up falling in love with the City (and this may explain some of his political endeavors).  As noted by Chase Rynd, David has an 'eye' and an opinion.

Betty Sapp Ragan is a native of Alabama. She worked in the Southeast as an art photographer before moving to Washington. Betty completed an MFA from Pratt Institute (Brooklyn) with an emphasis on photography and printmaking. Betty taught photography and printmaking at the University of Puget Sound for 15 years and now teaches private lessons in her studio at the F. S. Harmon Building.

 Jeremy Mangan  is a painter whose honors include a Fulbright Fellowship, a Jacob Javits Fellowship, the Foundation of Art Award, Artist Trust Fellowship Award and a selection as a Neddy finalist. His work was included in The 10th Northwest Biennial at Tacoma Art Museum, and featured in New American Paintings: Pacific Coast Competition #97. Mangan's work has been exhibited in Germany, China, and across the United States.
Karen Doten has lived, taught and exhibited work in Washington, New Mexico, California, Iowa and Pennsylvania. She holds an MFA from the University of Iowa where she graduated with a degree in painting and printmaking. Her work explores the theme of landscape through an observational, remembrance and ephemeral process. She currently teaches drawing, design and art history at Olympic College.
Maria Jost's artwork is informed by the ecology of the Northwest. "I became enchanted with the soggy green forests here by looking at nature through the eyes of a scientist. It didn’t take long for the familiar plants and trees to start appearing in my artwork, and for me to start exploring science through the eyes of an artist. Within my artwork, plants are the most common characters, and I hope their stories to be both informative and elegant."
Marit Berg has lived and worked in Tacoma for more than 15 years. Marit received an MFA in Painting and Printmaking from WSU and now teaches in the Art Department at Tacoma Community College. Her work can be seen about town in UWT's collection, and, if you ever wondered about the hunter/mountain goat painting hanging at The Swiss, that's hers.
Mary Mann grew up in Tacoma as well as Missoula, MT.  She studied   graphic design and illustration at the Colorado Institute of Art.  After a career which grew from greeting cards and t-shirt design into large scale public murals, she is now a full time art teacher at the Tacoma Science and Math Institute (SAMI).  Her work can be seen on exterior walls scattered throughout Tacoma, including the “Train Mural” on S. Washington St, Tacoma Little Theater and Stadium Thriftway. 
Michaela Eaves comes to Washington by Way of Montana. Her childhood set up her adult life to be rich with a love of animals and nature, two themes present in her artwork and her BFA helps her bring these loves to her work. She pieces her professional life together with design work, fantasy and horror illustration, and traditional stylized painting. She's done design and illustration for WizKids, Fairwood Press, Electric Story, Boost Mobile, and Microsoft. She is currrently putting the finishing touches on her first book, 42 Sketches. In her free time, she spends time with her rottweilers, volunteers for non-profits, and looks at cake recipes.
Born and raised in the Tacoma area, Noah Struthers has worked as a Laborer, Carpenter, Roofer, Craftsman, Bicycle Mechanic and Local Artist since the early 2000’s.  His artwork primarily deals with themes of local identity, mechanical structures, bicycles and local wildlife.  Many of his themes include the juxtaposition of nature and industry.  Struthers' work often  speaks to his blue collar background and heritage.  The work is very intricate and textural with a focus on forms to generate a narrative.   
Ric Matthies runs a graphic design studio in Tacoma. Ric studied painting and drawing, as well as illustration at California State University, Long Beach. He has a BFA in Graphic Design.
Sean Alexander is an artist from Tacoma, WA who is is primarily known for his obsessively-detailed pen drawings. His work has been shown locally in Seattle, Portland and Tacoma, as well as nationally in Iowa City and New York. Beyond drawing, Sean practices as a graphic designer, arts promoter, and free range creative. His illustrations and designs have been used in numerous publications including City Arts Magazine and the Oxford American. He co-founded a progressive art space called The Helm (2006-2008) and founded the Squeak and Squawk Music Festival. Rather than existing creatively inside of a box, Sean welcomes any type of project that he can see the potential for fun, learning and innovation in.
Stanley Shaw  Stan Shaw  Illustrates for clients all over the country. Projects range from editorial to animation and is passionate about sharing his expertise with students throughout the region as an instructor in Universities and through workshops  to professionals, college students, as well as elementary students.
Stan Shaw is known as a comic book artist. This is only partially true do to the fact that he has to buy groceries once in a while. Most of his time is spent on illustration: advertising, animation (flash assets, backgrounds, character designs), and storyboards.  

14 Incredible Tacoma Artists in the Blue Deck!

Art Chantry's expansive knowledge of Tacoma area history and lore is legend particularly when it comes to this town's underbelly.  Chantry lends his visual story-telling to this project.  Chantry, a graphic designer and artist with a penchant for low-tech, high contrast, analogue design approaches is associated with the posters and album covers he did for bands from the Pacific Northwest, such as Nirvana, Hole and The Sonics. He is also notable for his work in logo design. His work has been exhibited at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum of Modern ArtSeattle Art Museum, the Smithsonian and the Louvre.


Audra Laymon of Tacoma is a printmaker, illustrator, and artist working in a variety of mediums. Her work ranges from whimsical to profound and can be seen around town at several of your favorite local businesses or on the rollerderby rink.



Brian Hutcheson

Talented artist and arts educator, Brian Hutcheson, has experience working in design, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital media and printmaking.



(c) 2012 Darkain Multimedia
Photo (c) 2012 Darkain Multimedia 
Britton Sukys  is a painter, comic artist and musician who works out of his historic North Slope home-studio. He has lived in Tacoma since 1999 with his wife and creative partner, Megan Sukys. They have two young children.  Britton and Megan are currently working two comics, Biscuits and Gravy, and American Woman. Both comics can be followed weekly on feedtacoma.comBritton studied political science and technical theatre at North Carolina Wesleyan College, hails proudly from Southeastern Wisconsin, and is now fiercely Tacoman.  He is probably drawing right this very second while listening to an old record.



Photo by Jesse Mullen

Chandler O’Leary Chandler O’Leary was born 50 miles west of Wall Drug, and has had an affinity for giant jackalopes and coffee-pot-shaped buildings ever since. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and the proprietor of Anagram Press—which allows her to make a living by drawing pictures, lettering every word by hand, and in general doing things the hard way.



Chris Sharp Chris Sharp's hand-lettered signs, large scale exterior murals, and graphic design can be seen throughout Tacoma.   Chris has an MFA in painting from Washington State University , and he was the inaugural recipient of the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s Annual Foundation of Art Award in 2008.



Assistant Professor in art at the University of Puget Sound Elise Richmans paintings explore the relationship between the artistic process, evoking a sense of place and expressing time’s passage.  Working primarily in sculptural painting, her work is inspired by the landscapes and water that surround the Pacific Northwest.



Jessica Spring Photo by Andrew Waits
Photo by Andrew Waits
Jessica Spring is the proprietor of Springtide Press in Tacoma, Washington where she designs, prints and binds artist books, broadsides and ephemera incorporating handmade paper and letterpress printing. Small finely-crafted editions consider historical topics and popular culture from a unique perspective. Jessica has an MFA from Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts and teaches at Pacific Lutheran University.



Primarily using a 1970s Diana and Yashica camera, Tacoma Photographer Kristin Giordano, creates her photographs with an ethereal, airy quality.   Displayed around the world and recipient of numerous prizes and awards, her artwork is a unique commentary on the space she seeks to capture.



Lance Kagey makes letterpress art that makes people stop, do a double-take, and frequently ask for more. For nearly 10 years, as half of the design team (with Tom Llewellyn) of Beautiful Angle, he has been creating a series of thought-provoking, Tacoma-centric guerilla art at the rate of one new wheatpaste poster design a month.



Meghan Mitchell is a Tacoma-born artist, crafts-person, and trinket collector whose work is focused on intimate texture and detail rendered primarily in graphite and watercolor. Recently nominated for a Tacoma Community Foundation’s Annual Foundation Art Award, Meghan received her BFA from the Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, Oregon.



OttoYoungers holds a BFA from the University of Kansas and an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute.  Primarily known for his surreal, socio-political sculptures made from reclaimed wood, that he exhibits as far away as Thailand, he brings his drawing and painting chops to bear on this project to interpret a few of his favorite Tacoma spots.




  CARTOONIST+INVENTOR - Author of "The Tacomic" RR Anderson is one of the most curious underground political cartoonists in FeedTacoma [dot] com history.  He fought bizarre underground beings in the lava tubes of Juneau, Alaska (where he grew up raised by two families, misc. dogs + black cats); was wounded by a laser before it was invented; and was a founding father of the Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians (C.L.A.W.). Questions? Seek him drawing on the sidewalk at Friday's Frost Park Chalk Challenge in the center of downtown Tacoma. Ultimately his work is about friendship, need and other timeless values.



photo by Esha Hart
Shaun Peterson is a pivotal figure in the revival of Coast Salish art traditions. An enrolled member of the Puyallup tribe, Shaun carries the name, Qwalsius, originally carried by his great grandfather, Lawrence Williams.  Shaun's artwork taking the form of carvings, public art installations and prints is created to celebrate our past where teachings are received by acknowledging and honoring the present through continuing to move forward creating everyday.


David Boe


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