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Coming on the scene last year, the Tacoma Playing Cards are a handheld exhibition and souvenir featuring 14 local artists illustrating 54 locations, icons and Tacoma stories.  Through sales over the past year, enough funds have been earned to create a second deck.  Dubbed “The Red Deck” by co-founders of Tacoma Makes Maija McKnight and Amy McBride, the new deck of Tacoma Playing Cards will feature new artists and all different Tacoma locations, icons and stories.  

“We were thrilled at the positive response that the playing cards received last year” notes Maija McKnight “and are excited to be able to create a second deck of cards”.   Fourteen artists have been invited to participate are already working to create their artwork, and estimated arrival of the cards will be in October 2013 along with an exhibition and opening celebration showcasing all of the original artwork.   This second deck of cards will have a red box and back of the cards, with the same unique design (with some slight changes) that graced the blue deck of cards

Tacoma artists participating include Rick Matthies, Sean Alexander, Karen Doten, Maria Jost, Chuck Knigge, Noah Struthers, Mary Mann, Jeremy Mangan, Stan Shaw, Marit Berg, Betty Ragan, Michaela Eaves, David Boe and Chandler O’Leary.  Chandler O’Leary is the designer of the playing card box and back of the cards as well as the only artist that also participated in the inaugural blue deck of cards.

Pre-sales of the red deck of cards is available on the Tacoma Makes website as well as a limited pre-order of an uncut sheet of the cards (22” x 26.5” in size) from the US Playing Card Company. An uncut sheet is pulled straight off the printing presses before being cut into a deck and is a unique collector’s item as well as a great way to display all of the cards.   Additionally much of the original art from the Blue Tacoma Playing Cards is still available as well as several that are available for purchase in a giclee fine-art quality print.

Images of the artwork will be posted as they are completed both on the Tacoma Makes website as well as the Facebook fanpage.

Written by Maija McKnight — May 15, 2013

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Tacoma Playing Cards can be purchased through various Tacoma stores (Pacific Northwest Shop). Thanks for the years of support as Tacoma Makes has closed for business.