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We’ve reached and surpassed our goal of $13,000 (in six days!)!!!! Thanks to you! We are overwhelmed by the Tacoma community support and so thrilled to be able to bring this deck of cards into reality. 

Thank you so much for your support of the Tacoma Playing Card Project!!!! 

We set the fundraising goal at $13,000 based on the printing costs, artist fees, and other charges (including $1,300 Kickstarter and credit card processing fees). The way Kickstarter works is that the campaign will ‘run’ for the pre-set timeframe (until July 19). People are still hearing about this project and we still encourage them to contribute to the project to receive great rewards. 

With money raised over the $13,000 threshold, we will: increase our print run to create additional decks of cards, host an even awesome-ER opening party at AMOCAT Café, add some additional reward items, as well as start to plan and contract artists for a second edition of Tacoma playing cards. 

We’ve also received a few inquiries on the timing of the card production, specifically when people can expect to have them ‘in hand’. The artists are scheduled to submit final art by the end of July. It will take a week or so to format the work to conform to the printer’s guidelines, followed by 6-8 weeks for production. The cards will arrive 1st of November at the latest, but we’ll hope for earlier. We’re working on a central location where you’ll be able to pick-up your rewards, and if you need them shipped, we’ll provide an option for that as well. 

Thanks again for your incredible support of this project – financially, sharing with your friends, and all the wonderful comments that you have shared with us and your own community. We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring this deck of cards into reality. 

Thank you!!!

Written by Maija McKnight — June 20, 2012

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Tacoma Playing Cards can be purchased through various Tacoma stores (Pacific Northwest Shop). Thanks for the years of support as Tacoma Makes has closed for business.