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14 Tacoma artists immortalize 52 Tacoma sites and stories (plus 2 jokers) in an elegant professional grade souvenir playing card deck.

Tacoma artists are playing a game, a game of cards, and are hoping to win big with hometown pride.  A poker-grade deck of cards with original illustrations of 52 Tacoma sites and stories by 14 local artists is in the works.  Funds will be raised using the crowd sourcing phenomenon Kickstarter, giving supporters the chance to make this great project a reality and participate in the Kickstarter rewards structure. The campaign will launch June 14th.   A link to the project’s Kickstarter page will be available at www.tacomamakes.com as soon as it is live.

The look and style of this professional quality card deck was designed by letterpress artist Chandler O’Leary who illustrated and hand-lettered the card box, backs and face ranks, creating an elegant platform into which the other artists’ original images will go.  The deck seeks to convey the history, story, and beauty of our town through this everyday item.  14 well-known Tacoma artists will create illustrations for the 52 cards (and 2 jokers) using locations interpreted from their own point of view.  


People who participate in the Kickstarter campaign can be more than just supporters.  Always wanted to be a joker?  One of the Kickstarter rewards will allow you just that.  You or a local hero of yours can be memorialized by lampoonist R.R. Anderson as one of 2 jokers in the deck.   “We are creating the perfect souvenir,” notes Maija McKnight, co-founder of Tacoma Makes, the company formed to implement this project.   “It will provide greater visibility for local artists while showcasing Tacoma in a really positive way.”

The project is seeking $13,000 to support the design of the deck, artist fees, and production/printing costs necessary to produce a professional deck of cards suitable for serious Poker players and Go Fish players alike.  By contributing early, investors can secure an inaugural deck (or several) and many other cool rewards such as a poster featuring all images of the cards, invitation to a VIP party, or a printer’s proof.  There is even a chance to order personalized decks suitable as corporate or business gifts.  Financing raised this summer will put the deck into production so it will be available in November 2012, just in time for holiday giving.  Decks will be available for sale in local gift shops and bookstores, with the goal of placing them at Sea-Tac airport as well.

  “I love the idea of kids learning about Tacoma’s history, stories, legends and artists when they play with this deck,” states Amy McBride, co-founder of Tacoma Makes.  “We are celebrating and engendering Tacoma talent and Tacoma pride.” 

The Artists’ original illustrations will be exhibited at the AMOCAT café in November.  The 14 Tacoma artists participating include: Art Chantry, Audra Laymon, Brian Hutcheson, Britton Sykys, Chandler O’Leary, Chris Sharp, Elise Richman, Jessica Spring, Kristin Giordano, Lance Kagey, Meghan Mitchell, Otto Youngers, R.R. Anderson, and Shaun Peterson.

Updates and images will be posted as they become available through the Tacoma Makes website (Tacomamakes.com), a Tacoma Makes Facebook page, and Kickstarter from June 14th to July 19th when the campaign closes.  



Written by Maija McKnight — June 05, 2012


Kim Ingram:

I was at Bluebeard coffee this morning and saw Mary Mann’s painting of Cheney Stadium and would like to purchase it. I can just go down and pick it up and can wait until after the open house at Bluebeard’s on Wednesday if you would like. Can someone let me know how to get this painting and give me an idea when would be a good time to pick it up? Thanks, Kim

February 14 2015 at 10:02 AM

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Tacoma Playing Cards can be purchased through various Tacoma stores (Pacific Northwest Shop). Thanks for the years of support as Tacoma Makes has closed for business.