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Closing up shop

Thank you so much for being part of the success of the Tacoma Playing Cards over these past years!  I am writing today to announce that cards will be discontinued and no re-prints will be made in the future as I am moving out of Tacoma.  When this venture first started, part of the inspiration was to create something that showcased Tacoma in a positive light –  A small token, a take away souvenir that highlighted good things about Tacoma.  Since that time, it has been wonderful to see all the various products, artisans and entrepreneurs that have come forward to create items that showcase Tacoma.

Remaining inventory of the cards will be available at the various retail stores (specifically, Pacific NW Shop)

Thank you again so much for your support (and orders!) throughout the years, and am thankful to have been a part of this project showcasing pride in Tacoma and some pretty amazing artwork. 


Come celebrate with us the arrival of the red deck of Tacoma Playing Cards!

Come celebrate with us the arrival of the second deck of Tacoma Playing Cards! 

On Friday, October 4, 6-9 pm at the Old Post Office, 1102 A Street first floor we will have on display all the original artwork featured in the Red Deck of Cards for one-night only. Participating artists will be in attendance, along with beer/wine, playing cards, posters and all-round fun (Facebook Event Page:https://www.facebook.com/events/286003528208762/)

Also currently on view at the MetroParks STAR Center (3873 S 66th Street) is a selection of original artwork that is featured in the inaugural blue deck of cards. You can stop by anytime to see these wonderful works in person, and are also invited to attend an artist’s reception on Thursday, September 26, 6:30 – 8 pm. (Facebook event page:https://www.facebook.com/events/500775993336961/

We hope to see you at one or both of these events and thanks again for your support! We couldn't have done this without you!!!

Announcing a new deck of Tacoma Playing Cards!

Coming on the scene last year, the Tacoma Playing Cards are a handheld exhibition and souvenir featuring 14 local artists illustrating 54 locations, icons and Tacoma stories.  Through sales over the past year, enough funds have been earned to create a second deck.  Dubbed “The Red Deck” by co-founders of Tacoma Makes Maija McKnight and Amy McBride, the new deck of Tacoma Playing Cards will feature new artists and all different Tacoma locations, icons and stories.  

“We were thrilled at the positive response that the playing cards received last year” notes Maija McKnight “and are excited to be able to create a second deck of cards”.   Fourteen artists have been invited to participate are already working to create their artwork, and estimated arrival of the cards will be in October 2013 along with an exhibition and opening celebration showcasing all of the original artwork.   This second deck of cards will have a red box and back of the cards, with the same unique design (with some slight changes) that graced the blue deck of cards

Tacoma artists participating include Rick Matthies, Sean Alexander, Karen Doten, Maria Jost, Chuck Knigge, Noah Struthers, Mary Mann, Jeremy Mangan, Stan Shaw, Marit Berg, Betty Ragan, Michaela Eaves, David Boe and Chandler O’Leary.  Chandler O’Leary is the designer of the playing card box and back of the cards as well as the only artist that also participated in the inaugural blue deck of cards.

Pre-sales of the red deck of cards is available on the Tacoma Makes website as well as a limited pre-order of an uncut sheet of the cards (22” x 26.5” in size) from the US Playing Card Company. An uncut sheet is pulled straight off the printing presses before being cut into a deck and is a unique collector’s item as well as a great way to display all of the cards.   Additionally much of the original art from the Blue Tacoma Playing Cards is still available as well as several that are available for purchase in a giclee fine-art quality print.

Images of the artwork will be posted as they are completed both on the Tacoma Makes website as well as the Facebook fanpage.

What people are saying!


These cards are so much fun, and great for Tacomans who are far from home, like our soldiers!


They are amazing! Its been over 8 years since the last time I lived in Tacoma and before that I was there between 5th-10 grade and seeing these cards brings a piece of what I consider home to me closer. Thanks for making this deck, and would love to see another with other land marks. Like I said earlier my family and I love to play canasta so need many decks.



My name is Rembrandt, and I’m one of the backers who had two decks of the Tacoma Artist Playing Cards mailed to me. They arrived today, and I wanted to let you know that they look great! My wife and I pored over each card this evening. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy the artwork on the face of each card, but we were very impressed by the linework on the card backs and the general readability of the cards for play. Hooray!

Thanks so much for making this happen.

Best wishes,  Rembrandt Haft


Love the Tacoma Makes cards I got tonight. I've seen many of the images, but not all. Some really great cards in there! Also, very glad to see Tacoma's parks so well represented. :)

Metro Parks Commissioner Erik Hanberg


Ready to play?

The cards are at the printer, we're expecting them back by the end of October and we're going to have a party!

Please join and help us celebrate the Tacoma Playing Cards!

Amocat Café – 625 Saint Helens Ave
Friday, October 26, 7 -9 pm

See and purchase the original artwork
Pick up your own deck of cards
Claim your Kickstarter rewards
Meet and greet with the artists
Give-aways, snacks and no-host beer and wine
All ages welcome


Facebook event invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/344387222317407/

14 Tacoma Artists + 54 Tacoma Icons = 1 Amazing Deck of Cards 

We've reached our goal!!!!

We’ve reached and surpassed our goal of $13,000 (in six days!)!!!! Thanks to you! We are overwhelmed by the Tacoma community support and so thrilled to be able to bring this deck of cards into reality. 

Thank you so much for your support of the Tacoma Playing Card Project!!!! 

We set the fundraising goal at $13,000 based on the printing costs, artist fees, and other charges (including $1,300 Kickstarter and credit card processing fees). The way Kickstarter works is that the campaign will ‘run’ for the pre-set timeframe (until July 19). People are still hearing about this project and we still encourage them to contribute to the project to receive great rewards. 

With money raised over the $13,000 threshold, we will: increase our print run to create additional decks of cards, host an even awesome-ER opening party at AMOCAT Café, add some additional reward items, as well as start to plan and contract artists for a second edition of Tacoma playing cards. 

We’ve also received a few inquiries on the timing of the card production, specifically when people can expect to have them ‘in hand’. The artists are scheduled to submit final art by the end of July. It will take a week or so to format the work to conform to the printer’s guidelines, followed by 6-8 weeks for production. The cards will arrive 1st of November at the latest, but we’ll hope for earlier. We’re working on a central location where you’ll be able to pick-up your rewards, and if you need them shipped, we’ll provide an option for that as well. 

Thanks again for your incredible support of this project – financially, sharing with your friends, and all the wonderful comments that you have shared with us and your own community. We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring this deck of cards into reality. 

Thank you!!!

LeMay Family Collection at Marymount as a Joker!

Photo by RR Anderson

LeMay Family Collection at Marymount!

Eric LeMay purchased the second joker of the Tacoma playing card project! Who the actual joker will be will be announced over the next few weeks, but in the mean time you can visit the website and learn more about the foundation and their incredible collection of vehicles: http://www.lemaymarymount.org/.  Eric was one of the first supporters of this project quickly claiming the printer’s proof sheet at the $250 reward level, and just today adding the joker reward.  Eric noted about the project that “there isn't enough local stuff in our gift shops. This (project) is a very good thing and I am happy to see it has some tread marks out of the gate”.

Thank you LeMay Family Collection at Marymount!


Tacoma Playing Cards can be purchased through various Tacoma stores (Pacific Northwest Shop). Thanks for the years of support as Tacoma Makes has closed for business.